Breweries in Upstate NYLagers and pilsners and porters, oh my! One of the best ways to get to know an area is to try its beer by exploring the breweries, because the vibes of a city are often reflected in the design and sometimes the seasonal beers on tap. Plus, what’s a vacation without a drink or two? Grab your travel crew and visit our picks for the best breweries in upstate NY during your time at Whiteface Lodge. 

How to Choose Breweries in Upstate NY to Visit 

Depending on how you rate breweries, make sure to read up on each location a little bit before you go. Let our team at Whiteface Lodge do the research for you, and give you a brief rundown of each of the breweries in upstate NY near the resort before you make any decisions. Consider things like interior design and ambiance, locally-inspired drinks vs. global ones, and of course, what kind of food you prefer to supplement a beer or two. 

Big Slide Brewery & Public House

As many breweries do, Big Slide houses its brewery encased behind glass in the space, so you can take a peek at the process if you like. From their brewery comes ten different brews on tap at all kinds, whether it’s their signature Big Slide IPA, described as a “piney brew,” the bourbon barrel-aged UBU, or the Maui Sour. The food pairings have a global influence, ranging from chicken fried chicken to root vegetable dal, locally made pretzel nuggets to vegan flatbreads. This hotspot has one of the most diverse menus of breweries in upstate NY. 

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery  Breweries in Upstate NY

If you stay on top of brewery news across the country, you’ll already know that Lake Placid Pub & Brewery ranks in the top seven percent of brewpubs nationwide, due to the sheer amount of beer they produce every year. 350,000 pints are brewed annually, with types including a cranberry almond brown ale, the Adirondack Gold, and the Vanilla Porter. At this Lake Placid brewery, they serve typical pub fare: like nachos, cheese curds, pizza, and burgers. 

Valcour Brewing Company

Valcour Brewing Company resides in historic old stone barracks, making their claim to “revolutionary brews” that much more valid. You can’t find a more unique Adirondack brewery, due to the columns and colonial style of the building, compared to the usual industrial style that many breweries have. And their brews are just as unique as their building: like their guava lager and piña colada-flavored milkshake IPAs. Pair with food like the Hawaii 5.0 burger, with pineapple, cheese, and ham, or the mac n’ cheese of the week. What would pair more nicely with a slice of peanut butter pie than a coconut chocolate and caramel honey stout? 

Things to Do in Lake Placid | Whiteface Lodge 

Luckily, all of our picks for the best breweries in upstate NY are within a ten-minute drive of Whiteface Lodge, so you don’t have to worry about an expensive Uber or a long trip back to the resort. After visiting one (or all) of the breweries in Lake Placid, go back to your gorgeous and cozy suite and sleep off the buzz before you continue with your day. After all, what else is a vacation for? For more information about accommodations at Whiteface Lodge, visit our website or give us a call at 518-523-055.