Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy is an ancient and honored practice of bringing the essential element of human touch to help heal, soothe and calm the body, mind and spirit. Scientific studies now help prove massage reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and has comprehensive health benefits. Optimum health is a synergistic union of all parts working in harmony and ease. These traditional therapies help create integrated relaxation for healthy radiant wellness.

Swedish Massage

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $180
This classical full body massage is designed to melt away stress and tension by blending light to moderate pressure with flowing techniques. Kneading, petrissage and effleurage are seamlessly applied to create a sense of overall balance and rejuvenation.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $180
Enjoy a deeper massage designed to release neuromuscular tension, stress and fatigue. This massage will help address areas of chronic tension and / or injury with moderate to deep pressure including trigger point work.

Pregnancy Massage

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $180
A relaxing and nurturing full body massage using pre-natal techniques to alleviate tired muscles and soreness. This service helps increase circulation and reduces water retention. Allow yourself to indulge and relax into our pregnancy pillow for this special time. Pregnancy massage is only performed during the second or third trimester.

Sports Massage

50 minutes $135 | 80 minutes $180
This invigorating full body massage incorporates Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue work, Trigger point therapy and light stretching. This integrated approach helps improve range of motion, muscle recovery, circulation and neurological integration. This style of massage is great for serious athletes, weekend warriors and anyone needing a customized session specific to a sport or athletic lifestyle.

Express Massage

25 minutes $75
Recharge with our 25 minute focused massage targeting one specific problem area. Your therapist will customize your session with both pressure and technique maximizing your time and therapeutic benefit.

Massage Services for Two

These special services are designed for you to share with a loved one. Services are customized to each individuals needs while your experience is shared.

Great Salt Lake Bath and Massage Ritual

80 minutes $405
Enjoy a 50 minute Traditional Therapeutic Massage service with a loved one or a friend. Increase your relaxation and therapeutic experience by submerging in a warm 25 minute hydrotherapy bath of sea salts, magnesium and arnica. This mixture of minerals will help rejuvenate and extend the benefits of your massage while soaking in an oversized hydrotherapy tub designed for two.

Tandem Massage

50 minutes $275 | 80 minutes $375
Choose a Traditional Therapeutic Massage Therapy service to share with a loved one or a friend. Please choose from Therapeutic Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Pregnancy Massage so your therapist can customize your massage to best suite you individual needs.

Signature Massage Services

Our signature massage services offer the very best in the experience of ultimate luxury and healing. These unique services combine a mixture of Western and Eastern massage modalities incorporated to suit your individual needs with technical expertise.

Ausable River Stone Massage

50 minutes $160 | 80 minutes $205
The therapeutic benefits of heated Basalt Stones are combined with Swedish Massage techniques to provide a deeply relaxing and soothing massage. This luxurious service helps melt away tension and stress while increasing circulation and is excellent for chronic pain relief. The 80 minute service incorporates both hot and cold stones for the ultimate in relaxation.  The 50 min hot stone massage incorporates the benefits of a traditional Ausable River Stone Massage (without the use of cold stones). This is an excellent treatment for those with sore muscles or arthritis who enjoy the heat provided with warm stones.

Four Handed Massage

50 minutes $235 | 80 minutes $325
Experience the ultimate in nurturing touch as two therapists work in unison to help reduce your stress and elevate your experience of total relaxation. This transformative experience will help you leave your everyday stress and melt into bliss.

Table Thai Massage

50 minutes $155 | 80 minutes $205
Our Thai Massage is performed on our treatment tables to create a unique partnership between therapist and guest. The flowing movements of this modality offer a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques. This fully clothed body work experience involves acupressure, stretching and range of motion resulting in relaxation and pain relief.


50 minutes $135
This technique of energy therapy uses very light touch to help the universal life force energy flow freely. Experience a greater feeling of security and peace as energy flows through the body, mind and spirit.

Massage Therapy Enhancements

These 25-minute add-on enhancements create exceptional therapeutic value for any service.
Each enhancement is designed for a specific beneficial outcome. Please call a Spa
Coordinator so we can help customize your Spa service for maximal therapeutic healing.

Hydrating Warm Oil Scalp Massage

25 minutes $65
Warm vitamin E oil is applied to the scalp, head, neck and shoulders in this
luxurious experience. You may also choose a personal aroma to enhance your
relaxation. This is a rich finish to complete your massage experience.

Magnesium Hydrotherapy

25 minutes $65
Magnesium is a vital mineral in muscle function. A warm hydrotherapy tub is filled
with Magnesium flakes so they can melt away stress. Transdermal absorption can help
relieve chronic / acute soreness, cramps or stiffness. This is an excellent addition to
Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage providing long lasting healing and recovery.

Hot Stone Finish Ritual

25 minutes $65
A deeply soothing and uplifting enhancement using warm Basalt Stones brings
instant relief and comfort to sore or tired musculature. This therapeutic ritual
helps increase circulation, raise core body temperature and promote a grounded
sense of well-being.


25 minutes $65
The pressure points of the head, neck, ears, hands and feet are addressed to help
open the energetic meridians so energy and well-being can flow more easily.


25 minutes $65
This technique of energy therapy uses very light touch to help the universal life force
energy flow freely. Experience a greater feeling of security and peace as energy flows
through the body, mind and spirit.