Skin Care

The Spa at Whiteface Lodge features a variety of products including
Zents, Naturopathica, and AVEDA hair products.



The HydraFacial will leave your skin smooth and glowing for weeks with its
breakthrough resurfacing and fusion technology. Antioxidants, peptides and
hyaluronic acids are infused into your skin while simultaneously exfoliating
resulting in immediate results. Designed for all skin types, this refining treatment
will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, congested oily
skin and rosacea with no downtime or discomfort. HydraFacial is noninvasive,
non-surgical procedure that generates immediate effective long term results.

25 minutes | $149
Hydra dermabrasion, painless extractions, intense hydration

50 minutes | $195
Hydra dermabrasion, painless extractions, intense hydration, facial massage.

80 minutes | $265
Hydra dermabrasion, painless extractions, intense hydration, facial massage,
lymphatic drainage and red / blue light therapy, dermabuilder fine line support.

Biodynamic HydraFacial

50 minutes | $235
Hydra dermabrasion, painless extractions, intense biodynamic hydration, facial
massage and stem cell serum.

80 minutes | $325
Hydra dermabrasion, painless extractions, intense biodynamic hydration, facial
massage, lymphatic drainage and blue / red light therapy, dermabuilder fine line
support and stem cell serum.

Naturopathica Facials

Facial treatments provided with expert care and technical expertise help reduce the signs
of aging and stress. Professional skin care services help increase circulations, tone and
tighten delicate skin, improve oxygenation while adding a youthful glow to skin.
Botanically derived products rich in healing ingredients nourish delicate facial tissue.
Cosmeceuticals of Plant Stem Cells, Retinols and Peptides provide long lasting
benefits and a radiant glow.

Vitamin C Wrinkle Repair & Brightening Facial

50 minutes | $175
Vitamin C and Resveratrol brighten the skin, while stimulating healthy collagen
production leaving skin firmer and more youthful. Delicate facial tissue is strengthened
and elasticity is enhanced leaving skin renewed and radiant. This facial is excellent for
reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, mottled texture and age / sun spots.

Bio Energy Lift Contouring Facial

50 minutes | $175
This multifaceted treatment removes impurities and exfoliates while infusing delicate
skin with Bio-Energy Lift Serum. This extraordinary serum helps repair environmental
damage while erasing fine lines and firming the skin delivering long term benefits.

Great Outdoors Facial

50 minutes | $145
Nourish and rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin and slow the signs of aging.
Antioxidants and botanical extracts help correct and revitalize skin. This is an
excellent facial to slow the initial signs of aging.

Acne Repair Facial

50 minutes | $145
An introductory facial for teens or adults with acne prone skin or problem areas.
This comprehensive and hydrating therapy will diminish and smooth skin texture
normalizing sebum secretions while brightening the complexion. Skin care
instruction and tips are included to help ensure effective maintenance at home.

Back Facial Therapy

50 minutes | $145
A comprehensive deep pore cleansing and moisturizing of often neglected back
skin. This important service helps reduce skin imperfections and normalize sebum
secretions. Customized to meet individual skin care needs, this treatment will leave
skin feeling cleansed and radiant.

Whiteface Peak Facial

80 minutes | $185
A soothing and hydrating facial tailored to individual skin needs. This treatment can be
customized to any skin type. Stress melts away through a combination of gentle steam,
deep cleansing and a hydrating mask. A relaxing massage of the face, neck, décolleté and
shoulders rebalances and rejuvenates, improving circulation. The results are a healthier,
clearer looking complexion.


25-minute add-ons

Cryostone Facial Massage Enhancement

25 minutes | $65
Cool marble stones are used to gently massage the face, neck and upper shoulders.
The therapeutic benefit of cold stones helps soothe the nervous system reducing stress,
inflammation, headaches and sinus congestion.

Resurfacing Peel Treatment (15% Peel)

25 minutes | $65
Gently exfoliate delicate skin and minimize fine lines with this glycolic peel. This will
leave your skin brightened and smooth.

Firming Neck & Décolleté Treatment

25 minutes | $65
Improve skin tone and texture while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles with this
moisturizing treatment.

Dramatic Eye Lift

25 minutes | $65
This hydrating eye treatment helps effectively address dark circles, puffiness and
reducing fine wrinkles.