There are plenty of things to do in Lake Placid especially during spring. Snow is melting, and it is time to explore a new world. It is time to get outdoors and see what Mother Nature has to offer. At The Whiteface Lodge, we make it easy for you to get out and experience Lake Placid.

Ausable Chasm has an assortment of adventures. Hike, float, or climb as you experience one of the oldest natural attractions in the United States. Immerse yourself in the Adirondack Forest as you past Rainbow Falls, Column Rock, Elephant’s Head, and Hyde’s Cave. Descend hundreds of feet and walk on natural stone walkways and experience years of history etched in stone.

High Falls Gorge is a 22-acre, privately owned Nature Park. They provided safe trail access for all ages. Sturdy bridges and walkways provide secure access to breathtaking views. See four amazing Adirondack waterfalls cascading over rocks and take a hike to see the famous AuSable River as it cascades over granite cliffs.

The Wild Center and its new Wild Walk is an elevated path across the treetops. It is an all-day attraction, including 81-acres of outdoors, a 54,000-square-foot museum with movies and live animals, guided canoe paddles, and hands-on everything. At Wild Center, they believe that people and the rest of the natural world can thrive together. They are committed to helping the Adirondacks be an example where we can have a vibrant human economy and thriving nature and not sacrifice either.

The Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride is an eight-person Gondola that carries you from the main base to the top of Little Whiteface. As you trace the mountain, sore over streams, steep rock faces and thick forests, and the beauty of the Adirondacks reveals itself. At the top take in the sites at the observation deck and set up a picnic.