If you love winter sports, there are few destinations in the U.S. that can rival Lake Placid’s breadth of offerings. Lake Placid is a true winter wonderland, a picturesque setting coated with snow, perfect for all sorts of outdoor recreation. At Whiteface Lodge, one of our favorite winter activities to enjoy in Lake Placid is cross country skiing. By cross country skiing, you’ll discover Lake Placid’s stunning natural beauty as you trek through the area’s snow-covered landscapes.

If you’re interested in cross country skiing in Lake Placid, you’ve come to the right place. The Lake Placid experts at Whiteface Lodge are happy to give you tips and recommendations on cross country skiing in this region. Whether you’re new to cross country skiing or a seasoned veteran of the sport, our insights will help you maximize your experience. 

Where to Go Cross Country Skiing in Lake Placid

There are plenty of great trails for cross country skiing in Lake Placid. Here’s a look at some of our favorite cross country skiing spots.

Van Hoevenburg

Ski in the footsteps, or ski prints, or Olympic legends at Mt. Van Hoevenburg. These trails opened in 1980 for the Winter Olympic Games and are still in good condition today. Mt. Van Hoevenburg is a great cross country skiing destination for all skill levels; if you’re brand new to skiing, you can take lessons here. Before you go, purchase your cross country skiing tickets online.

Jackrabbit Trail

If you are looking for a free cross country skiing option in Lake Placid, look no further than Jackrabbit Trail. Named after Adirondack skiing legend Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannesen, Jackrabbit Trail features over 15 miles of well-kept trails to explore. Jackrabbit Trail links up to tons of great trails, including the trails at Whiteface Club, not too far from Whiteface Lodge. If skiing the Jackrabbit Trail and its accompanied trails sound like fun, Whiteface Lodge is an ideal place to stay.

Lake Placid Cross Country Ski Rentals

If you find yourself in Lake Placid without cross country skiing equipment, don’t worry, there are several outfitters that can assist you. If you’re visiting Mt. Van Hoevenburg, you can rent ski equipment there, same with the previously mentioned Whiteface Club. If you’re downtown, Lake Placid Ski and Board also offers a full slate of ski rentals.

After Skiing, Warm Up at Whiteface Lodge

An aerial view of Whiteface Lodge in winter

Lake Placid Cross Country Skiing 1

After a busy day of cross country skiing on some of the best trails in Lake Placid, return to Whiteface Lodge and relax. Our Adirondack resort offers luxurious accommodations, on-site activities, and more. If you work up an appetite while out on the trails, enjoy an unforgettable dinner at KANU Dining Room, our upscale restaurant. If you need to warm up, we also offer nightly campfires. Please book accommodations at our resort in Lake Placid online or by calling 518-523-0505.