The Adirondacks region offers some of the best fall foliage scenery in the country! Vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges transform Whiteface Mountain into a stunning canvas of color. You’ll fall in love with the Adirondacks’ colors as you adventure on the trails and stay in the most relaxing resort in the area, the Whiteface Lodge.

Hiking Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain is a unique destination because of its easy to access roads almost all the way up to the top. Once the road ends, take a short walk through a man-made crossing within the mountain to a lift which will take you to the visitor’s area near the summit. No matter what trail you choose to hike you cannot go wrong! All the trails around our resort offer a great reunion with nature, especially in the fall as the leaves change. Many of the trails with varied terrain can be accessed through several different ways. The Esther trail is not officially maintained, so it gets muddy and slippery, but it’s well worth the view. The trail up Whiteface weaves through quiet nature routes until you reach the summit, where you’ll meet other hiking enthusiasts. Despite having to share the submit, or how you get there, the views are worth the journey to the top of Whiteface Mountain.

Mountain Biking Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface is one of the few mountains in the Northeast where the governing authority allows road cycling to the top in the Adirondacks High Peaks region. The Whiteface offers the steepest vertical drop in the eastern United States and has hosted ski events for two Winter Olympics. The mountain provides endurance challenges and great downhill sections for mountain bikers. Purchase a day pass to use at the Whiteface Mountain Bike Park and the Whiteface Mountain ski area. Passes are also good for the gondola and the shuttle vehicle. You can purchase packages with a lift pass, bike rental, and safety equipment if you don’t have your own gear. Expert rides include steep drops, rocks, and tight turns. Easier rides follow forest roads and ski trails, so you can enjoy the fall foliage while biking through the Whiteface Mountain.


Whether you take a stroll along one of our trails or experience the rush of the crisp fall breeze as you race down the steep slopes of the Whiteface Mountain, you’ll fall for Lake Placid. After thrilling days out in the Adirondacks High Peaks, you’ll love relaxing at our spa before a delightful poolside meal at the Whiteface Lodge. Book your stay today!