Lake Placid is a haven for all sorts of exciting winter activities. However, one of the area’s more unique offerings is dog sledding. That’s right; you can enjoy a ride in the ice and snow with a team of cute pooches pulling you along. Dog sledding in Lake Placid will help create memories you won’t soon forget.

Want to know more about dog sledding in Lake Placid? The team at Whiteface Lodge has you covered. Our guide on dog sledding in Lake Placid will answer all of your questions.

A Lake Placid Dog Sledding Guide

Few places in the U.S. offer dog sledding, so naturally, you probably have some questions. Let’s start with the basics. Dog sledding is a sport and winter activity in which a team of dogs pulls a sled over snow. Dog sledding has deep roots; it first began in Siberia and Alaska, where snowy conditions persist the majority of the year. However, over time this winter activity has been adopted in other areas, including Lake Placid.

Mushers are the people that drive the dog sled. In Lake Placid, when the ice is thick, you’ll find mushers along Main Street. When the ice is too thin to sled across safely, mushers typically relocate to the Horse Show Grounds, where they’ll take you on a ride through the snow. Keep an eye out for Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours and Mike Arnold Dog Sled Rides.

On your dog sled ride, you’ll sit on the sled while the musher is on the back of the sled driving, and the dogs are in front of you. Depending on the weather, you’ll either glide across the frozen ice of Mirror Lake or bound through the snow. You won’t believe how fast the dogs will pull you in these frigid conditions. Dog sledding in Lake Placid is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and definitely worth a try when you visit in the wintertime. 

Luxury Lodging in Lake Placid

Whiteface Lodge is the perfect home base for winter activities in Lake Placid, including dog sleddingDog sledding and all of the other exciting winter activities Lake Placid has to offer, including world-class snowboarding, are close by when you stay at Whiteface Lodge. Our luxury Lake Placid resort has all of the amenities you’ll need for the perfect winter vacation. Want to stay with us? Call 518-523-0505 or make a reservation online.