You’ve been waiting so long for this moment: a pleasurable stay at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, NY. Whether you’re here for a friends’ weekend, a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a treat-yourself solo stay, the Adirondack Mountains have the best wineries for your interests. Are you ready to sip your favorite wines surrounded by beautiful Adirondack scenery? 

An Adirondack Winery for Every Person 

Upstate New York harbors time-honored classics and vintages specific to vineyards around the Adirondack Mountains. Almost nothing compares to driving through the lush greenery of Lake Placid, mountains outlined by a soft, blue sky in the distance—especially if that’s the view on your way to these winsome wineries. 

Goose Watch Winery

A Lake Placid staple, Goose Watch Winery, features varietals produced in the Finger Lakes. They have a little bit of everything for everyone: whites, reds, ports, sparkling, and dessert wines. Stop by for a taste of this Adironday winery’s unique blends and the picturesque view of Mirror Lake.

Highlands Vineyards

Spend an afternoon meandering through the Highlands Vineyards overlooking Lake Champlain. Sit out on their porch with a glass of Seyval Blanc, a light lake breeze rustling through your hair, taking in the splendor of a vast lake silhouetted by mountains. Stay for a side of yoga with your wine. Ask the staff about their winemaking process. It’s an excellent place for the whole family to sit back and relax. 

Hid-In-Pines Winery

You’ll find Hid-In-Pines Winery, another favorite Adirondack winery, nestled in the thicket of the Champlain Valley. Get your Leon Millet fix with the knowledge that this vintage comes from some of the best cold-hardy wine grapes in Upstate New York. Their rustic tasting room is warm and inviting—an ambiance that speaks to traditional, wine-tasting experience. 

Vesco Ridge Vineyards

Located further north in the Lake Champlain Basin, Vesco Ridge Vineyards concocts myriad handmade vintages. Sample your favorite reds, whites, or sweet winters, or you can enjoy some mulled wine or a wine slushie (depending on the season!). Lounge on the patio and survey the expanse of their luscious vineyards over the rim of a pinot grigio. 

Do Wine Right with the Whiteface Lodge

Choose your own Adirondack winery adventure when staying at the Whiteface Lodge. Our central location in Upstate New York grants easy access to enchanting vineyards placed in the foreground of grandiose mountains, pristine lakes, and rolling hills. Revel in these magnificent views by booking your stay via our website or giving us a call at 518-523-0505.