Stay FitWhen you’re on vacation, you deserve a break from your routine, whether it’s work, school, or your workout regimen. But if you prefer to stay active even during your getaway, it’s not hard to do so with our large selection of health and wellness amenities at Whiteface Lodge. Here are a few ways to stay fit during your stay. 

Group Fitness Classes 

What’s better motivation to get moving than working out with other people? Group fitness classes are available in both the morning and evening, so you don’t have to plan your day around your workout. Get your heart pumping with aqua aerobics and abs classes, or stray  closer to relaxation and healing with yoga and stretching courses as another way to stay fit. 


If you’d rather go solo while you get your sweat on, take advantage of the 24-hour fitness center where you can find treadmills, bikes, strength equipment and more. Swim as many laps as you please in the pool, and sit in the sauna to finish up your self-care routine. To switch it up, visit the ice skating rink in the winter, and tennis courts in the summer for a more creative take on your usual workout. 


If you live nearby to our beautiful property, consider purchasing a seasonal membership, so you don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of all of our amenities. Packages include 15 percent discounts on spa treatments, food and beverages, retail items, and stays at Whiteface Lodge.

Things to Do in Lake Placid

Utilizing all our amenities is an easy option to consider when wondering how to exercise on vacation. Even if you haven’t engaged a regular fitness routine or regularly put in work to stay fit prior to your stay, we have the perfect opportunity to try something new with our group fitness classes. Whether you commute to Whiteface Lodge, one of the best of upstate New York lodges, or retreat to one of our rooms to rest after a grueling workout, contact us at 518-523-0505 or connect with us online.