There’s no shortage of fun things to do outdoors when visiting Lake Placid, but a visit to Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails is an excellent choice for nature lovers. No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, from cross country skiing to fishing, Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails has something for you. When you stay at Whiteface Lodge, you’re just a five-minute drive away from this idyllic outdoor setting. To help your plan your trip, the Whiteface Lodge team has created a guide on what to expect when you visit Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails. 

Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails: Adventure for Everyone

Located on the shores of Lake Placid, Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails is an ideal setting for nature lovers of all types. Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails include four different trails: Corridor, Lake Shore, Boundary, and Ridge. Together, the trails total three miles in length. All of these trails are considered good for beginners, so they are fun for the whole family. 

Corridor Trail

Also known as Old Peninsula Road, Corridor Trail is the first trail in the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails network. At .75 miles, it’s relatively short, but it’s a good warmup. You’ll be descending during the majority of the trail, though it does flatten out later on where it leads to the other three routes. If you plan on heading to Ridge Trail, it starts right where Corridor Trail ends. 

Tip: Corridor Trail can get quite muddy depending on the weather. Be sure to pack shoes or boots you’re okay with getting a little messy. 

Ridge Trail

As previously mentioned, Ridge Trail starts at the end of Corridor Trail. This trail is the most adventurous of all of the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails because of the rolling hills. However, if you don’t mind a few hills, it’s well worth the trip. Eventually, visitors immerse themselves in a lush, picturesque forest. It’s a very serene place.

Boundary Trail

It’s not the most exciting trail, but Boundary Trail is considered a connector trail, and it will certainly help connect you to the other trails. You’ll reach Boundary Trail from Ridge Trail. This trail is largely flat, making it the ideal place for a casual stroll. 

Lake Shore Trail

If you want to explore the shores of Lake Placid, the Lake Shore Trail is the trail for you. Lake Shore Trail is rockier and more uneven than the other Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails, but it’s well worth it. Lake Shore Trail is a great way to see the beauty of Lake Placid up close and personal. However, be aware that Lake Shore Trail is definitely one of the most popular trails at Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails, so don’t be surprised if it is heavily trafficked during your visit.

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