With the influx of lots of winter snow this year. Skiing in the Adirondack region is one of the best things to do while there is still snow left on the slopes. Head to one of the best hotels Lake Placid NY is known for at The Whiteface Lodge, and get your stomach ready for the best meal of the new year when you dine après ski style!

Skiing is sure to work up an appetite for you and yours this season, and what better way to quench your thirst and hunger than dining at the KANU Lounge after a day on the wintery slopes.

Sip and Dine Après ski Style

Après ski in French means after, thus après ski being after skiing. Aforementioned comes in handy when you’re craving a pint of ice-cold brew or a tasty handmade cocktail. At KANU you’ll get the best of both worlds, with daily cocktails and signatures wines featured alongside a fabulous menu. This menu is sure to bring your taste buds to life! Whether you choose a yummy starter, a light salad, or any of the fantastic entrées, you’ll enjoy dining right on site after your adventurous day out!

KANU features more than the charming Adirondack atmosphere that we have enjoyed bringing inside. Rustic decor meets an upscale flavor to create a cozy lodge feeling you won’t ever forget. From daily cocktails and wine selections to 20 different vodkas, 25 single malt scotches, and over 400 wines, along with plenty of local and regional brews. We’re sure to have just what you want. Plus, a great thing about KANU is that up until 9:30 pm, your family can dine together. While the remaining hour and a half before the close, are dedicated to our adult only specials.

If you’re looking for an extra special treat, take a look at KANU’s cigar menu!

No matter the slopes you choose whether it’s a bunny hill or a certified black diamond, there is always room for après ski when you’re at The Whiteface Lodge. There is still time to book a retreat to comforts of our cozy, luxurious, and picturesque hotels Lake Placid NY, our Lodge is known for. Nestled along the Whiteface Mountains in the Adirondack region, you won’t want to miss out on the last few months of our winter season and the fresh, fluffy snow you’ll experience on the slopes.