Mom deserves something extra special for Mother’s Day, and what could be better than a family trip? Spending quality time with family is undoubtedly one of mom’s favorite things, so planning a family getaway in her honor is an incredible gift. 

At Whiteface Lodge, we think mom would love a trip vacation to scenic Lake Placid. This iconic vacation destination has it all: natural beauty, a wide range of activities, delicious restaurants, great shopping, decadent lodging, and more. To ensure you have a memorable vacation with mom, we’re sharing some of the best things to do while on a Mother’s Day trip to Lake Placid. 

What to Do on a Mother’s Day Trip to Lake Placid

It’s mom’s special day, so celebrate her way! Lake Placid is an incredibly versatile destination. No matter what mom’s favorite things are, she’s sure to find something she’ll love in Lake Placid. 

For the Outdoorsy Mom

If your mom loves to spend time outdoors, she’s in for a treat when she visits Lake Placid. The area is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. Mirror Lake is a great place for a fun day in the great outdoors; locals and visitors alike enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking at this scenic lake. There are also countless hiking trails to explore, including two at Mt. Jo that offer incredible views of the Adirondack High Peaks.

For the Mom Who Loves To Shop

Lake Placid is a shopper’s paradise, and your mom will love exploring the town’s charming boutiques and galleries. Main Street is Lake Placid’s ultimate shopping destination; charming downtown is lined with shops selling unique and locally made items. No matter what mom’s shopping for, she’ll be able to find it and much more in Lake Placid.

For the Mom Who Could Use Some Pampering

Being a mom is hard work! She deserves some well-deserved relaxation and tranquility. The Spa at Whiteface Lodge will treat mom to a wide variety of soothing services. From massages to body wraps, and facials to hair care therapy, mom is in for some luxurious pampering. Our spa blends the rustic beauty of its setting with a relaxing and serene ambiance to create an unforgettable experience.

For the Sporty Mom

If mom is a fan of sports, she’ll love the iconic Olympic legacy of Lake Placid. After hosting two Winter Olympic Games, Lake Placid is home to a wide variety of sports history. The brand-new Lake Placid Olympic Museum is a great place to start; this museum is filled with fascinating exhibits and artifacts that will teach you about the games. Mom may also be interested in visiting the world-class sports facilities used during the Olympics. 

Lodging for Your Mother’s Day Trip to Lake Placid

A room at Whiteface Lodge in Lake PlacidNow that you have some ideas on how to spend Mother’s Day trip to Lake Placid, it’s time to consider accommodations. Whiteface Lodge offers an upscale lodging experience with bountiful amenities. We offer delicious on-site restaurants, exciting activities, and of course, cozy Adirondack accommodations. To stay with us, please book online or call 518-523-0505 for more information. We look forward to hosting your Mother’s Day getaway!