bb9f9777.jpgThe best way to explore the area around The Whiteface Lodge is to get up and go! We recommend hiking or driving the Whiteface region. It’s the perfect adventure for while staying at the best Adirondack Lodge in New York!

There are hiking trails for all different levels of skill, from easy to difficult, you’ll find right trail to explore. We’ve listed a few fantastic trails to take that encompass all different skill levels of hiking.

Whiteface Landing

The Whiteface Landing is the perfect place to go. It’s a nice spot along the summit of Whiteface Mountain, on Lake Placid. This hike is almost 2.5 miles of trails that start near the parking area. You’ll be able to wind your way through the mountain near the pond and then descend to the shore. Try packing a lunch and have a picnic by the lake before heading back to your car. The way back is a bit trickier as the road has more gravel and elevation. Even with the rocky terrain, we’re sure you’ll enjoy stopping by the Whiteface landing.pexels-photo-47415-medium.jpeg

Catamount Mountain

This is one of the popular places to hike in the Whiteface region of the Adirondacks. It offers visitors two open summits with amazing views of the region. There is a new parking area at the trailhead, as the trails became official in 2012. You’ll enjoy the 1.8-mile hike, one way on steep terrain. As you hike you’ll also find lots of wildflowers. Before you reach the first summit, you’ll cross a small brook where the climb begins. This climb might not be suited for younger children and those with a fear of heights. The rest of the climb is made up of a series of open ledges which need some attention while climbing.

Whiteface Mountain

Right at our backdoor, is the Whiteface Mountain. To get to the summit, there are a few ways to go. If you’re looking to hike the trails the first trail is a 3.9-mile hike up the mountain, while the second is a 5.7-mile hike. Finally, if you’re looking for a longer hike, there is a 6-mile trail that will get you to the summit of Whiteface. Though if you are not wanting hike but drive, there are access roads that allow you to enjoy a ride through the mountains to the summit. Near the summit of Whiteface Mountain, there is a visitor’s area.

If you have small children we recommend the Monument Falls or Silver Lake Mountain, for their easy terrain and shorter trails.


Whether you choose to hike or drive any of the multiple trails of the Adirondack region of New York, we’re sure you’ll enjoy staying at the Whiteface Lodge. Experience all that an Adirondack Lodge has to offer. Get up and create your next adventure, just don’t forget your camera and hiking boots!


Happy Hiking!

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