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Spa Products

Spa Products

The Spa at Whiteface Lodge features an variety of products including Zents, Naturopathica, Skin Authority, exclusive line of branded products, along with Redken, Derm Organics and Keratin hair products.

Naturapathica is a innovative natural skin care line, certified by ECOCERT, embodies their respect for the wisdome of nature. They buy their raw materials from artisans, herbalists and local farmers and are naturally, sustainably harvested. They believe natural and organic products can be performance-based; by extracting powerful enzymes from luscious, aromatic fruits like pumpkin, cherry, fig and pear, nature can do its best work for you.

Skin Authority is a prestige skin care line chosen by beauty experts, celebrities, and the media for skin care performance that produces immediately visible results and continued improvement. The innovative formulation technology, partnered with the simplicity of the product line and an accessible price point, resonates with today’s consumers. Skin Authority offers a complete line of multi-purpose “results oriented” products and easy to use home care kits featuring simple routines. The result is a lifetime of healthy, radiant skin and incredibly strong brand loyalty among consumers.\

The Zents story is one of healing. What you'll find in Zents products are only the purest
ingredients... ingredients we want to be using on our skin every day. Organic shea butter,
sustainably hand harvested, along with soothing, nourishing botanicals like chamomile and green
tea flood your skin with the healing powers of Mother Nature. What you WON'T find anywhere
in our line are parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes. Come
indulge in a "Zents Journey" with any of our massges.